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How to add 343 Marriages to your wedding registry

Why not ask your loved ones to help you invest in growing old together? You can add 343 Marriages to any registry that allows cash funds, including ZolaHoneyfundThe KnotJoyHitchd, and many more!

As an example, see below for how to add us to Zola:

Step 1: Sign up for your registry on the Zola website.

Step 2: Go to Cash Funds → Create Your Own Cash Fund.

Step 3:  Add a cash fund for 343 Marriages!

We recommend setting the amount to $1495, which covers the cost of the Complete Plan ( This plan includes the SYMBIS test, books, and five, 1 hour sessions with Pam and John) – multiple people can contribute towards the gift.

Step 4:  That’s it, easy! Your loved ones can now contribute towards your 343 Marriages experience.

If you’re using a different registry, no problem! You can select their cash fund option and follow a similar process, or email us at for help.

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