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Premarital Mentoring

Helping couples start off on the right Biblical foot and avoid creating destructive patterns

"Pamella and John opened my heart to receive correction in love, wisdom and understanding for setting healthy boundaries as a fiancé. To honor and respect my husband through the love of Christ.I also had so much revelation from each section and weekly meetings, it truly opened me up to be a better listener to my husband. Silence is deadly in a marriage,communicating effectively with Love & respect is crucial. I fell in love all over again with my husband"
Nicole Brown

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Your feelings leading up to marriage may range from dread and fear, to rainbows and butterflies. Most people enter marriage lacking critical tools and techniques to sustain a lifelong joy filled marriage.  The results can be an institution God designed to be fulfilling and joyful turning into something that can fracture and fail, affecting you and everyone around you.

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How We Can Help

Starting with the SYMBIS Assessment, we train and coach you not just how to not just survive, but to thrive in your marriage.  You too, can have a marriage that makes people roll their eyes when they see how happy and connected you are.

Jump into our Marriage
Master Class

You can build your marriage on more than a hope and a prayer. 

Our 31 day course unpacks Biblical principles and skills and

tips from marriage experts, John & Pamella.

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Pamella and John coached us through our premarital journey and helped my fiancé and I connect on a deeper level. They were kind and honest, trusting and funny, we felt right at home with them from our very first session and really took the time to get to know us and our situation, then helping us understand one another better. They did an excellent job preparing us for our biggest adventure yet: marriage! I would highly recommend them to any couple seeking to work on communication, connection and kindness toward one another.

- Becky and Jason

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