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Marriage Coaching

We empower couples with the skills and Biblical framework for couples to build a deeply fulfilled, loving, and growing marriage.

"...with John and Pamella, my wife and I were able to dig deeper in our relationship with each other and to continue to form a life long partnership centered around God. Week after week, we were able to uncover more about each other to build a strong foundation that will last a lifetime".     Cole & Sage


While being happily married is one of the most rewarding relationships a human is capable of, how does a couple make this happen in the real world?  If you are like us, we did not have the training and tools to properly nurture, feed, and protect our marriage. The results were frustration, confusion, and complacency.  

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How We Can Help

We have the life experience, training, and tools to help you plan ahead and navigate the challenges common to marriage.  Leveraging the SYMBIS Assessment, we guide you through critical topics in your marriage such as sex, finances, family planning, boundaries and hedges for your marriage, and most importantly God’s plan and design for marriage.  Whether your marriage is on the rocks, or just kind of flatlining, we can help you with easy to implement tools and techniques that can send you into the future with peace and joy.

Jump into our Marriage
Master Class

You can build your marriage on more than a hope and a prayer.

Our 31 day course unpacks Biblical principles and skills and

tips from marriage experts, John & Pamella.


What SYBMIS does is nothing short of revolutionary,

– Gary Chapman, Author of  "The Five Love Languages"

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