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The Full Story

 About Us

343 Marriages is a 501c3 founded by John and Pamella to help peoples find and build amazing, Christ centric, life long marriages.   John and Pamella with tremendous life, are two imperfect people who, by God’s grace, were brought together and feel called by God to help others.  They have 5 adult children and reside in Texas and CA


Pamella Martin

As a believer in marriage, and a lover of love, I was devastated when my marriage of 17 years  came to an end. I felt like such a failure, was embarrassed and hopeless. I hated the fact that the life that I had once known was no more, and that my children were going to have to suffer for  choices they had no control over. Although the pain of divorce was something I struggled  through and still struggle with today,  helping others avoid it became a passion of mine.  Teaching couples the skills they need to have an emotional, spiritual and physical connection at whatever stage they are at in their relationship is critical to the success of  it.  I feel so blessed to have 3 amazing kids who support our passion project as well as approve our tiktoks and social media posts.

John Martin

My first marriage lasted over 21 years and ended after repeated attempts to save it.  The journey of fighting for my marriage and my family, which includes two amazing children, was the darkest days of my life.  Through it, I sought God & therapy, which lead me to a place where I acknowledged my own mistakes and had a renewed faith in marriage.  In my journey, I realized an amazing marriage, like all things great, takes a systematic approach and the right ingredients to thrive.  In late 2015 I met Pam through extraordinary circumstances resulting in our marriage in 2018.  Together, we feel called to share God’s plan for marriage and relationships and investing in couples to learn, grow, and thrive.


The Story of Us & 343

Regardless of where you are in the marriage and relationship spectrum, I can tell you very clearly why we are here.  We’ve been through significant challenges  in our separate marriages that spanned over forty years collectively,   God lead us through the darkest of valleys, allowed us to heal, grow, and eventually reunite 26 years after meeting in our freshman year of college at Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego.  In 2018, we were married, blending our families with 5 amazing children.  In our journey, we obtained a PHD from the school of hard knocks, paid thousands of dollars to incredible therapists, read hundreds of books, and became certified SYMBIS instructors.  As two imperfect people, we are following God’s lead to use our past sufferings and His healing to help people avoid the pitfalls of life and inspire marital excellence.

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