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343 Single and Preparing for Marriage Course

Our 8 week, self paced Single and Preparing for Marriage course is designed to be used on your own, or in small groups.  

We are so happy you are here. Joining this course takes tremendous courage and persistent hope. Being single can be such a lonely, confusing experience riddled with unanswered questions. Why am I still single? Is there something wrong with me? Where is God in this? How can I go about finding the right partner? How can I overcome my dating fears? Will I be single forever? Should I be single forever? Our hope for this course to come alongside you in the waiting, questions, and seeking journey of being single. You don’t have to try and figure this whole thing out on your own. Let’s go together.

Who is this course for?  Of course, single people. But there are many types of singles. We’ve created this course to be applicable for all stages - Here are a few “categories” that we have done our best to account for:

● Are you just finishing high school and trying to be a good steward of your singleness and begin exploring how to find there right person?

● Are you a young or middle aged adult feeling stuck in singleness? With a deep longing to find someone?

● Have you been divorced and now re-entering into the confusing exploration of what’s next?

● Are you unsure if you want to get married at all? Each of you is welcome here. Why do I need a course? We coach hundreds of single people and there are common questions and themes that come up that we want to share to help you embrace this season of your life with peace, hope, and intentionality. Our hope is that alone, or in community in a group at your church, we will discuss things such as:

● A christ-centered exploration of what it means to be single and how to walk out singleness in the way of Jesus

A place to gain a vision for a marriage and practices for how to move toward the


● An environment for you to explore your past story, how it might be impacting your

current experience of being single, and an invitation to heal.

● A highly relational learning experience, designed to help you connect with other

single people of the same gender.

● A safe, listening-first environment where you can share your raw emotions,

insecurities, and questions with other singles and trusted guides.

● Practical steps for navigating dating in our current cultural moment

● A pathway to help you define the marriage partner you are hoping for and

become the marriage partner someone else is longing for.

● How to date with intentionality


How to take this course

To be most impactful, this course is designed to be taken with others, cohort style:

● Male or Female groups of 5-15

● 8 sessions, each session about 1-1.5 hours online or in-person consisting of ~15

minutes of content and 45 minutes of group discussion.

● Take home reflection/reading between sessions.

● You are welcome to add one on one coaching sessions throughout the course

with your course guide.

● A course workbook designed to be your companion, note taking place, and

artifact to reference in the future.

343 Single and Preparing for Marriage Course

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