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343 Matchmaking

We match Christians who are serious about dating for marriage, with like minded people.   Our program includes coaching and assessment work to help you grow emotionally, spiritually, and physically to ensure you have the foundation to build a thriving life long marriage legacy when you meet your spouse.  We also work with you to better understand the blockers that may be preventing you from having success in dating for marriage.

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343 Matches
Curated Christian Matchmaking

Who is this For?

 Serious Christian single people who are not looking for hookups or serial dating, but are serious about finding a potential spouse.  If you are tired of apps and don't have the time to do the filtering, this is the perfect service for you.

How do you Match me with someone?


343Matches is In partnership with Cinqe Matchmakers, a worldwide, world class matchmaking provider since 2012 Together as a team of expert relationship advisors, we will be personally reviewing profiles &  searching for matches for you. We will be choosing candidates based on their emotional, spiritual, and physical compatibility as well as your personal preferences.  All matches are interviewed, before your formal presentation & includes an optional background check, to give you peace of mind related to who you date.  

What is the process? 3 Options...

1. Women Apply for FREE to our Worldwide Dating Database.  However, a match is not guaranteed.  You will be contacted ONLY  if you are being considered for a match

2.   Match/Date Prep Option:                        $343.00

This option includes a 1.5 hour "Discovery" call, where we evaluate your current  

Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual status as well as your personal preferences.

 This option is where we help you strategically plan for your future matchmaking program or your  "Self Dating" based on our evaluation and give suggestions for any work that needs to be done.  

This option includes one 30 min follow up session and our downloadable 343 Singles course.

3. Matchmaking  Client:      $1343.00 + Charge for Custom Matchmaking Program. 


This option includes a 1.5 hour "Discovery"call where we evaluate your current  Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual status and we will discuss in detail your partner preferences. 

 You will receive a formal Match presentation with us at 343 and our team of experts with Cinque, where we all review together your first 3 potential candidates. This is done early in the matchmaking process as we will be refining our understanding of your desired match and are evaluating how we can help you achieve success.

You will be choosing your custom matchmaking program to align with your preferences, budget, timeframe and life-goals.


our downloadable 343 Singles course is included as part of this option as well a 30 minute feedback/ coaching session

What if my Matches don't workout?


 Your customized Matchmaking program may allocate a certain number of matches that will be allowed per the timeframe contracted and others may state matches will be delivered until you have found yours. While we don't offer a guarantee or refund, we do provide coaching to help you understand how to find success in the future and resolve issues that may be preventing finding a spouse. 

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The first session left me filled with incredible hope in God's plan and a new perspective on dating. I met with John and Pam for my first singles 343 session in January.  They guided me through a deep dive of my hearts desires and what God's best looks like.  I remember taking so many notes and having calming epiphanies. I quickly realized that I had a clouded list of non negotiable wants that weren't actually important to my Spiritual, Emotional or Physical desires.  The more I discussed my hearts desired with them, the clearer my vision became.  I met 'my person' in late February at church one morning.  I followed 343's advice of slow to intimacy (both physical and emotional) to really build a spiritual connection with this new relationship.  It's a path of dating that put's God's will first.  As soon as I surrendered how I wanted things to play out, I found myself falling in love with God's best path.

- Lauren N

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