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Single & Ready to Mingle

We coach singles on how to ensure they bring their best, healthy selfs to a new relationship, define what qualities are necessary, and how to use dating to find your life partner.

Learn more about the Beta of VETTED, our new, non app, matchmaking program!!

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How it Works: Complete the sign up form.  When we find a match, we notify you.

How much does it cost:  Its FREE until we find you a match, then it is $1,999 to get started.  The $1,999 includes a four 50 minute session with John & Pamella to discuss your match and background.

How do you Vet and Match Make:  We personally review profiles looking for matches based on compatible emotional, spiritual, and physical compatibility.  We are currently evaluating providing optional fee based background checks, so let us know if that is of interest to you.

Who is this For:  Serious Christian single people who are not looking for hookups or serial dating, but are serious about finding a potential spouse.

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The first session left me filled with incredible hope in God's plan and a new perspective on dating. I met with John and Pam for my first singles 343 session in January.  They guided me through a deep dive of my hearts desires and what God's best looks like.  I remember taking so many notes and having calming epiphanies. I quickly realized that I had a clouded list of non negotiable wants that weren't actually important to my Spiritual, Emotional or Physical desires.  The more I discussed my hearts desired with them, the clearer my vision became.  I met 'my person' in late February at church one morning.  I followed 343's advice of slow to intimacy (both physical and emotional) to really build a spiritual connection with this new relationship.  It's a path of dating that put's God's will first.  As soon as I surrendered how I wanted things to play out, I found myself falling in love with God's best path.

- Lauren N

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